14 november 2011

Delta Lloyd, ING, Darlin and DWS lost together 100 million on Grontmij

We did not want it to be very complex in using the semi-annual data of Grontmij in 2010. Already only on the annual data of Grontmij since 2006, the OK-Score indentified an OK-Score Class 9 on the 2010 annual figures.

So a straight SELLING ADVICE early 2011 has been given by the OK-Score.

For Delta Lloyd, ING, Darlin and DWS it would have meant approx. Euro 100 million less losses on the Grontmij investment in using the OK-Score's knowledge.

The fact is they are using their own knowledge, however YOUR money.

For all the smart guys : (as always) enclosed model can be reproduced in using the Grontmij dataset on the OK-Score model by yourself. Press and related parties are invited.

NB : SNS .. as you know, also player within the Dutch stocks, to-day (24.11.2011) gave their sell - advice; ABOUT 10 months later than the OK-Score.

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mich zei

Hoi Willem,

Wederom een interessant stukje analyse van je. Ik ga het volgen om te zien hoe het afloopt met Grontmij

Met vriendelijke groet,


Willem D. Okkerse zei

De mogelijkheid van een claim-emissie is niet uit te sluiten